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Connect all your bank accounts in one place

Finver allows you to link all your bank accounts in one place which enables you to easily monitor all your finances.

Monitor and track your expenses

Finver automatically categorizes your expenses and provide great insights and analytics on how you spend and what you spend on.

Create and Manage your Budgets

With Finver, you can create and manage your budgets thereby making sure you never over spend on anything again.
Get Rewarded for spending right!

Exciting new features are coming soon💫

  • Link multiple credit/debit cards
  • Access all your funds and view all your transactions in one app
  • Pay bills, buy airtime, manage your subscriptions and more.
  • Get access to virtual and physical cards to access your funds.
  • Seamlessly perform cross-border transactions (USD, GBP, EUR and so much more)
  • Say no to transaction declines, spend money even when you are broke! 😱
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